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Can you imagine that one can be cured of his/her disorder in speaking and language without having a medicine?
You will say its impossible but word impossible it self say “I am possible”
Yes a child who is having a disorder for a long time can be cured without been admitted in hospital, not having a single medicine and all that its is just due to “speech therapy and language therapy”. This order is very common in most of the child and can even been seeing in adults also. Speech therapy and language therapy not only deal with speech sounds used by child, young person or adult, but also the language system used by that person.
Speech therapy and language therapy, is a long term procedure depending on disorder, they help in modifying current way of speaking such as reducing the rate of speech. It also includes psychological councils as a way of boosting up their confidence and avoiding fearful situation such as speaking in front of people.
The sole aim of speech therapy is not to only educate children about speech, also offer cures to major speech defects and improve stuttering children patterns of speech. The first approach is to first determine the root of the stuttering which can be caused by accident or a defect that occurs naturally from birth. The most common disorder is called the fluency disorder and are popularly called stuttering, which can be easily cured be by speech therapy specialist.
One of the most common speech therapy treatment techniques involve working with a patient to eliminate or minimize areas of their vocabulary where problems occur. That is that replacement or alternatives for certain words that may be giving a stuttering child or adult problems will be inserted into their vocabulary, thus eliminating the problem.

And as patient start improving re-uses the word that was replaced. This type of treatment can be easily done at your home through internet.
So speech therapy and language therapy can easily remove the disorder in simple way.

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